Sweet Romance and Heart-Stopping Adventures

I write about good, though flawed, people who try to do what's right. They mess up, they struggle, things blow up in their faces - sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally - but they keep trying to do what's right regardless.
My stories include thrills and action, swoon-worthy sweet romance, and there's always a grand adventure!

Lockhart Family

~Sweet Regency Romance~

Five siblings, each hoping to find love. 

But when they do, each must prove the lengths they will go to keep it.

He’s been waiting months for her to finally notice him.

Except suddenly, he’s not the only one vying for her hand.

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Save a man's life? Or protect her reputation? How does a lady ever choose?

Forced into a betrothal with an abusive man,  the only way out might be to beat her fiancé at his own game.

She loves him. Which is why he can never know the truth, even if it means saying goodbye.

He's from lords. She sides with commons.

Watch out London; sparks will fly.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that two conniving minds are better than one.

Waltz of the Crows

Steam and Shadow Novel ~ Book 2

Nothing is as it seems in a town where insanity is spreading like the plague.

Leila Hale’s orders are clear: impersonate a nurse, make contact with her fellow spy, and get London the information it needs without being caught or killed; or worse, tripping up so horribly her superiors deem her incompetent.


Samuel Rowley has returned to find his hometown disease-ridden, with many on the brink of madness. Not a man to sit back and merely hope for the best, he determines to explore every resource available until he finds a solution. 

When all is made known, will Leila and Samuel have enough wit and strength to save themselves, their future, and a town full of innocent victims?

Clockwork Image

Steam and Shadow Novella ~ Book 3

Vandals and Vampires Beware:
Tressa won’t let anyone stand in her way.

After years maintaining engines and repairing machines, Seawoman Tressa Wimple has come into a shockingly large sum of money. It only takes Tressa a single breath to decide what to do—she will donate it all to Westwood Orphanage. They saved her and her brother many decades ago; now, she wants nothing more than to reach out a hand to the small and helpless of London.

All her plans are derailed, however, when a faceless adversary decries Westwood and claims that the orphanage is a front for something far darker; as dark as an alleyway where Tressa first rescues a boy from a vampire. With the help of her brother, Jasper, and the tall, alluring Brox, Tressa determines to get to the bottom of the claims and protect the children, regardless of the risks. 

When all that is dark is forced into the light, Tressa must face her most combustible problem yet: her own past.

A Steam and Shadow Holiday Short Story
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Stolen Bloodline

Steam and Shadow Novel ~ Book 4

The heritage she never knew was hers.

The future he never believed could be. 

Jasper Wimple’s art is gaining popularity and life is falling into place for him at last. After meeting the Ambassador from China, a relationship that could propel him forward, Jasper’s street smarts tell him to steer clear of the man. But nothing could have prepared Jasper for a ghostly visit from one of the ambassador’s murdered victims, or taught him what to do when the ghost demands Jasper help protect his surviving wife and daughter.

Ju is done mourning a father she never knew for the entirety of Ghost Month, despite her mother’s insistence that they continue the tradition. Instead, Ju focuses on her upcoming audition—her one chance to enter London’s most prestigious dance school.

But then her mother’s life is threatened, and Ju sets everything else aside. Working together as new friends and unexpected allies, Jasper and Ju struggle to protect Ju’s mother and each other. With their own lives, the lives of those they care most about, and a budding romance all on the line, will they bring one of the most powerful men in England to justice before he silences them for good?

Steam and Shadow

~Victorian Era Steampunk

(Think Woman In White but with cool gadgets.)

Each book is a stand alone and can be read in any order.

Complete with mystery, headstrong women, and clean romance.

When it comes to defending her family, Adaleigh Dubois backs down from no one.

Vandals and Vampires Beware:
Tressa won’t let anyone stand in her way.

She's risking it all on half a dozen werewolves and a submarine in the most brazen experiment London has ever seen.

Nothing is as it seems in a town where insanity is spreading like the plague.

The heritage she never knew was hers. The future he never believed could be.

Elise and Nathaniel are back for a Steampunk Christmas Short Story

(Best if read after Buried In Blue)