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Steam and Shadow  Novel ~ Book 1

Doctor Elise Sterling has one last chance to save her career and prove that researching werewolves is safer than exterminating them. But her tendency to separate science from the people who’s lives it change has left her few allies.

Captain Nathaniel Hopkins, owner of the fastest steam-powered submarine in England, has just returned from a two-year stint at sea and is in no hurry to leave home again. But when he meets Doctor Sterling, he has to choose between his duty to his daughter and his growing attraction for Elise.

Too focused on her science to be distracted by romance, Elise is betting it all—her  career as well as personal safety—on an experiment where she will dive with nearly a dozen werewolves to the deepest trench in the Atlantic Ocean. 


Steam and Shadow  Novella ~ Book 0

When it comes to defending her family, Adaleigh Dubois backs down from no one.


Not from a competitor caught cheating--

Not from fear while stranded in a barn during a full moon--

Not even from a crazed werewolf--

Because no matter what, 

Family takes care of family.

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Medieval Fantasy

A Zaad Stone is the most powerful object in the land--and now Aerbrin has possession of one. It's up to her to keep the stone from ending up with the man who killed her parents. But a secret this powerful is hard to keep hidden for long. When she finally faces her enemies, her only hope is to use the power locked within the stone--a power that could consume her and all she knows. This intriguing fantasy is full of magic, mystery, and twists you won't see coming!

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