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 Thank you so much for being willing to go on this adventure with me! If you aren't sure what WriteWithMe means, read below.


To join in the fun, start by entering your email right here:



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If you're new to the Write With Me Process, let me explain:

I've been working hard on my newest novella, CLOCKWORK IMAGE, and it's almost done! All it needs are the few last decisions; a few last touches to flesh it out and polish it off.

That's where I need your help.

I've got the story line all worked out. I've got the main plot points and the ending flowing well. But there are a few small details I just can't decide on.

So, every couple of days--starting Thursday, June 27th--I'll post a new chapter of my novella. At the end of some of the chapters (almost half) I end with a survey; should this detail be "A" or "B"? You vote, and the option with the most votes wins! And yes, that detail will show up in the final manuscript!

Take note--along with each survey there's a way to make your vote count twice! Just do the "Double My Vote" action (don't worry, they're all simple). You don't have to do the action, your vote counts either way. But if you do the "Double My Vote" action--you guessed it--your vote counts double. Cool, right?

Enter your best email above and click "Join the Adventure"

After you do, you will receive an email titled WriteWithMe from This email will contain the password needed to enter the WriteWithMe site.


     There you can read (and vote on) my newest Steam and Shadow novella:


This is very important: Make sure you get that first email and whitelist my email address (aka. move it over to Primary) so that you are certain to get all the emails from here on out. If you aren't sure how to whitelist my email address, go to

Thanks again. I'm excited to see which details you vote for!


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